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Guidelines For Parents


A close understanding between the child’s home and school enables him/her to find happiness and meaning in education.

* Since the school has English as the medium of instruction, the students should be encouraged to converse in English at home.
* Parents are requested not to enter the school premises in night dresses.
* Parents should co-operate with the school in maintaining discipline and inculcating good social and moral values.
* Parents are requested to go through their ward’s almanac regularly and ensure action accordingly. Remarks given by the teachers should be signed without fail.
* Criticism of teachers should be scrupulously avoided in the presence of their wards. If the parents have a legitimate complaint, they should bring it to the notice of the Principal.
* They should help their wards to improve their handwriting and maintain their books and notebooks properly.
* Parents should not walk into the classroom or attempt to meet the teacher when the class is in progress.
* Plan your vacation/outings according to the school planner. No leave will be granted during examination.
* It is advisable not to take your ward home during school hours except in extreme exigencies. Parents who come to pick their ward before school time should first take Gate Pass from the Incharge & deposit the same with the Gate keeper.
* Students coming late to school, i.e., after the Assembly will be sent back home under their own arrangement.
* Any behavioral aberration in the child at home should be brought to the notice of the school authorities at once.
* Vehicles should be parked in an orderly manner considering the safety and security of other students.
* Parents are requested to ensure that their drivers while transporting the children are not using alcohol/drugs or abusive     language.
* The loss of school almanac must be reported to the respective class teacher immediately. The new Almanac will be issued to the child after a written application by the parent citing the reason and duly signed by their respective In-charge.
* The school almanac should be used for communication for the teachers. Please register your mobile number with the IT Helpdesk for regular updates.

* Parents must bring school almanac when they come for PTC.

* The school does not permit outsiders or relatives to meet the students during school hours.

* Parents are requested to enter through the specified gate when they come to pick up their ward when the school gets over.